JetPet Testimonials

Bahrain to Dubai

Flights were cancelled from Bahrain to Dubai due to the coronavirus.

But Inge & her team were committed to make sure that delivery times were met as per schedule to the best of their ability!

Long story short, our dog was delivered to us on time…….by CAR!!!

If that’s not great service, then I don’t know what is?

Thank you JetPetGlobal!!!

Kaya from Bahrain to Jordan

I enjoyed your service and for sure will recommend you to anyone. You are very professional and caring
Take Care and will keep you updated on Kaya.

Lucy and Cooper from Bahrain to Dallas

Hello Inge, Just to let you know that Cooper and Lucy have arrived save and sound in Dallas tomorrow. we will have our road trip to Tulsa. Both dogs are now living it up in the hotel room and finally settled down. Thank you very much for your help very thing went smoothly. Thanks again Janice

Babi flew all the way to Amsterdam from Bahrain!

Thank you very much to Jet Pet Global for bringing my Babi safe and sound all the way from Bahrain to Amsterdam. The service was great with the least bit of hassle involved. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to relocate their fur babies.

Donny from Bahrain to Dubai

Donny from Bahrain to Dubai

If anyone is looking for Pet Shipping Services, I highly recommend using Jetpetglobal. Not only was their quote the most affordable and Best pet relocation in Bahrain, but they took care of my Donny for a whole month until his flight date arrived, hosting him at their office free of charge and keeping him entertained (or was it him who kept them entertained? ๐Ÿค”). Here are some of the pics they sent me every day to keep me sane while I was waiting for him in Dubai. Thank you Inge and Jonah for the great service and for making this process as painless as possible ๐Ÿ™

Our Beagles came from South Africa

Dear Inge and Vernon

Once again thank you for all your help, support, compassion towards Mike, Harvey and all of us during this stressful time.
This process is hard on everyone but dealing with people that care make it a whole lot easier.

Dogs are settling in well and the house already smells like a kennel with beagle dog hair and you know what everywhere…..๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‰

I will gladly recommend you to anyone who requires your services.

All the best and until our next move(hopefully not to soon) keep well.

Muzo from Istanbul

Muzo is happy in his new house and sleeping on his (my) blankie like before ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Thanks for helping me relocate him. My life here would be totally different without him ๐Ÿ˜

She’s home!

Sheโ€™s home! So laid back and with her Baby (Iโ€™ll save washing that for a while) thank the lord and thank Inge ( you utter darling!) for making it such a swift trip….Daisy is tired but has had 3 walks and made her mark…..we are together again….and long may it be….

Kolohe and Pamuk from Bahrain to Seoul

Thank to Inge’s dedication and outstanding service our rescues know what a “forever home” really means. Our furry babies arrived safe in Seoul and we cannot thank JetPet Global enough for all they’ve done for us – Inge goes way beyond just pet sitting and relocation – she cares for each pet as if it was her own!

Mark with two pups and a bird to Amsterdam

You guys deserve e medal! Will never use anyone else!

Honey and Hamish from London

Amazing service throughout! Going above and beyond to help me get my dogs safely to Bahrain! Keeping me updated every single step of the way.
Canโ€™t thank Inge enough for all her help!

Gigi & 6 cats to Manilla

Thank you Inge for all your service and super professional assistance. All of us reached Philippines safely and are living a dream in my country house now. My babies are everything to me and that’s why I chose JetPet Global!

Pet relocation to Dubai

Hanene from Dubai

Thank you for everything. As I have seen, relocation is more than work for you. You put also your self in and manage the feeling of the person. I really do appreciate.

David and Finley to HUL

“just to let you know, everything went perfectly! David and Finley had a smooth journey and Finley is now at the sanctuary in England. Thank you very much for your help, it took a lot of worry from me. And thank you for being so quick, reliable and always on time! ๐Ÿ™
All the best for jet pets! We’ll definitely recommend you! ๐Ÿ˜€”

Domestic cat to London

We got Foxy back and she is reunited with us again. Thank you so much for all that you have done Inge! – Dan

sphinx elf cat from Norway

An amazing, professional and caring service. Inge knows exactly how your fur (or furless) babies should be treated and makes sure it happens as you would like. I cannot recommend Inge highly enough – thank you so much for everything you did to help us with Destiny Sophie.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet relocation to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Malaysia

I would recommend fur and feathers to anyone. The service is first class Inge is fantastic. She answered all my questions quickly and put my mind at ease as I was worried about the pet care from Bahrain right through to Dubai. Her care for my dogs shone through.

Pet relocation Bahrain

Tuffy AKA Houdini from Bahrain to St John in Canada

Things became very bad when Tuffy ran away from the maids place but you did everything you could to find him back and send him to us in Canada. Thank you for helping us with the flight from Toronto to St John too, we would never had Tuffy here if it wasn’t for you!

pet relocation bahrian

Daniel From Bahrain to Dubai

Both cats are very busy exploring their new house and canโ€™t wait to play in their new garden.

pet relocation dog bahrain

Ali from Arizona to Bahrain

Thanks for doing the paperwork, I just picked Nachoes up from the airport, he is in top shape!

Casper C From Bahrain to Amsterdam

Hi Inge!

What a long trip but Biscuit did it like a champ, customs checked all the papers and said I could go. Thanks again.

Dog Stella relocation from Bahrain to Houston USA

Fiona From Bahrain to Houston

Stella sat there waiting for us, like she hadnโ€™t been on the longest trip EVER. We were so happy to see her! What a relief!!

Thank you Inge for a job well done.

pet relocation bahrain

Amanda from Abu Dhabi to Bahrain

Thank you for bringing Ceasar to our doorstep, we couldnโ€™t have done it without you

Cat Shams relocation from Bahrain to Dubai

Cathy From Bahrain to Dubai

Shams is home!!

We had a problem with the password but we found a way and the airport vet helped us with the upload.

Shams is Fine J

Thank you Inge!!

pet relocation bahrain

Armi From Bahrain to Copenhagen

I flew with my dog to Denmark on the same Turkish Airlines flight I was on.
I was lucky to meet Mrs. Inge Michiels who is running “Jetpetglobal” ( “Fur and Feathers” Pet relocation service.
Inge was very professional and handled my dog Coco really well, making all the proper documentation, vaccinations, vet visits, health certification as well as airport drop and all other procedures in connection with pet relocation.

I will recommend her very warmly

pet relocation dog bahrain

Jason from Bahrain to London

It took a while for Bentley to leave the airport but it was just before Christmas and the place was heaving with people.
We are now on the road to Essex and Bentley is enjoying the cool breeze. Merry Christmas to you and your family.