Pet travel Quote request

Welcome to Fur and Feathers, my name is Inge. We are so excited to begin our partnership with you! To give you an as accurate as possible quotation, we need the following information. Thank you!!

1. Your Information

Moving with Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees and other large and long-legged dogs may require a little extra time and energy, but that doesn’t mean the process can’t be carried out safely.

2. Pet Information

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it is vital to get the correct measurements. We need to know the following:
Length. This is taken from the nose to the ROOT of the tail (NOT the tip of tail)
Height. This is your pet’s standing height from the top of the head to the  ground (when looking straight ahead)
Length from the front elbow to the ground (NOT the shoulder)


3. Relocation Information



The size of your pet will determine the cost of the flight. The airfreight is calculated on VOLUME not weight. If the pet travel box is too small it will be too cramped and uncomfortable for your pet and will be refused by the airline. If the pet travel box is much too large your pet will “rattle around” uncomfortably and the airfreight cost will be much higher
Pet owners with large and tall dogs, such as great danes, belgian malinois, and certain large breed german shepherds need to purchase special crates for their pets as airlines have strict regulations that prohibit a dog’s head from touching the top of their crate.