Pet relocation services Bahrain

Relocation Consultation is the base fee that pays for our time while we research, prepare for, and schedule your pet’s relocation milestones from start to finish. This fee does not include your pet’s airline ticket, the travel crate, or any other costs associated with your pet’s travel.

Pet relocation services bahrain

The Vet Package includes a health check and veterinary certificate stating your pet is fit for travel.

Pet relocation services Bahrain

The Pet Travel Package includes all the necessary documents and endorsements, physical copies of your pet’s travel documents, crate tags, stickers and a special gift for your pet. You will also receive an electronic Pet Travel Package that will be emailed to you before your pet’s flight.

Pet relocation services Bahrain, Safe And Perfect Movers Bahrain

The Airfare & Airfare Fee.The biggest factor in price is typically your pet’s crate size. Therefore, the larger the crate, the more expensive the airfare will be. The airlines vary in their pricing structure but they all use the same guidelines keeping your pet comfortable in a large enough crate.

Pet relocation services Bahrain

Airport Transportation. We work with a network of pet travel professionals across the world to provide safe and seamless transportation to and from the airport. We are able to arrange for transportation on one or both sides for a complete door-to-door pet service.

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VIP Pet Courier. If you have sudden unexpected travel needs or your furry friend and you want it to be accompanied, we can arrange for you our VIP door-to-door courier service.