JetPet introduction

Why JetPet is good for you

When boarding a kennel is not an option we come to you:

Maybe your cat is old and frail, maybe you have a pet that is not meeting the kennel’s boarding requirements, maybe you have a rabbit that wants to stay in its known place or just maybe you like to have someone pass by your house, bring the mail in, switch on the lights, water your plants and feed the fish.

When your life takes you to a new destination:

Moving is stressful enough as it is without pets, it is ranked in the top 5 of stress factors. When relocating a pet there are so many preparations to make, steps to take in the right order and the rules are often confusing, to make it even worse every destination has different requirements, and every airline has different rules, and all of that usually changes if the opposite route is traveled.

We work with a network of pet relocators and are here to help you as much or as little as you like. Maybe you are looking for door-to-door service, or perhaps you just need a bit of help to figure out the requirements to travel with your pet.

We know how “fur parents” feel about their pets, we are with you at every step, and when your pet has finally boarded the plane, it doesn’t just stop there. We follow your pet all the way to its destination until you confirm it is safe with you.

When pets come into Bahrain we prepare their government permits; we follow their flights, are ready to collect them at the airport and bring them to you.

When bringing a pet to its appointment is clashing with your appointments:

We drive them where they need to be; this can be the Veterinary, a playdate, … all safely crated in an airconditioned vehicle