Hot Weather Challenge

For a pet parent living in the Middle East can be very challenging. You can read more in here

If you are moving to the Middle East you need to consider a lot of points. But one of the most important duties of a good pet parent is definitely proper planning and time management.

It is not a secret that this place gets scorching hot, the air temperature gives you an impression that every little atom in every little thing is literally melting. One needs to be prepared for all this especially if you have an active dog that needs a lot of exercise.

Remember that mental challenges make your pet tired too and stay tuned for our next article about fun activities you can do indoors with your dog.

So what can you do outdoors?

Long walks outside are possible only longer after sunset and early in the morning. In the afternoon most dogs prefer a quick pee and run back inside. If your dog needs to walk a bit far for his toilet, do not hesitate and get him dog shoes. There is a wide range of products you can get – do not worry, you won’t be the only one to use them. Of course, if it is the first time ever for your dog, a training will be needed. There is a high risk of sun stroke and overheating, so make sure your dog gets to relax on cool tiles right after getting back in.

If you are lucky enough to live close to the sea and have a possibility of taking your pup for a run on the beach and a long swim DO IT. Even though the water will remind you of a hot soup, the dog gets enough exercise by swimming and will get tired – guaranteed.

If you have a pool, use it too, let him fetch inside the water – he will be very thankful. But maybe do it after a proper brushing, so you do not swim in hair or clog your filter.

It is also very humid so if your pet has any health issues related to humidity like getting hot spots or fungus, you need to plan keeping him indoors as much as possible.

Bahrain offers a lot of free space on the dirt lots around so once the sun sets you can go out and play fetch or tug of war– just beware of the strays.

Always have enough water with you – just in case your pup wants to stay outside playing for hours.

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