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[Staying-Connected]: The new not normal in pet shipping.
Is this the new normal for pet relocation? Corona or Covid19 has affected the world we knew, the world stopped in its track, people were confined to their homes, borders closed, and planes stopped flying. Now 6 months later, we only start to see to what level this has changed our lives. So many aspects of a global

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JetPet Global is launching an Emergency relocation fund
Emergency relocation fund. - ERF Expat life can be very unpredictable. Unforeseen circumstances occur causing you to relocate, which can result in the devastating realisation that you cannot afford to take your pet with you.

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Hot Weather Challenge
Hot weather challenge For a pet parent living in the Middle East can be very challenging. You can read more in here If you are moving to the Middle East you need to consider a lot of points. But one of the most important duties of a good pet parent

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