United Arab Emirates

General information
The UAE is becoming more and more accustomed to coexisting with animals as time goes by but expats should still be prepared to limit the public appearances their furry friends may make. The UAE allows two pets to enter the country per person. The UAE is home to a good variety of veterinaries with doctors from different areas of the world, good groomers, pet accessory shops and kennels are also available. It is important to note that certain dog breeds are banned from entering the UAE, be sure that your dog isn’t on the official list of restricted breeds before you begin shipping preparations. You should also keep in mind that summers are very hot and that even if your pet is not on the restricted list it may not be a very good idea for Fluffy to relocate.

Relocation information
The pet import requirements for the UAE may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance but take comfort in the fact that many expats live in the UAE and many have moved their pets in and out safely.

Before traveling
Moving a pet to the United Arab Emirates is partly done online, your import permit is easily obtained and paid for if you already have your new ID number and address in the UAE. The import permit will list the requirements for your pet to enter.

Some of the requirements
Some of the requirements are a microchip, a valid rabies vaccine older than 21 days and the standard vaccines. You do not need a RNATT test to travel from Bahrain to UAE but if you want to travel back to Bahrain you do.

Ground Transport
We regularly relocate between UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Some pets don’t travel well by air or are subject to a travel ban because of their breed or it may simply be a more economic way to move a larger household.

Our cars are equipped with air conditioning and travel crates for their and our safety. Even though Saudi Arabia has a long list of unacceptable dog breeds it is allowed to transit with dogs that are normally not allowed for import.

Pricing is subject to distance, planning may require several permits from all countries between departure and destination.

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