The Middle-East

One Thousand and One Nights – the fascinating region evoking deserts, camels, palm trees, oases, magical scents of incenses and mysteries of the unknown. Coming over for a holiday is easy, no need to worry about a thing, your pet stays at your place with someone you know and can trust. You have a possibility to choose a pet hotel based on reviews and recommendations and you know exactly what to do – after all, you are leaving your furry baby in your own country only for a short period of time. However, moving to an unknown region might make one worry a lot. Jet Pet Global offers extensive all- around help with your pet relocation and pet sitting, and will also give you all the necessary information about everything you need to know prior to the relocation. While moving out of the Middle East is usually mostly a matter of choosing the right airline and the most competitive price, when it comes to relocating to the region, there are a few challenges a pet parent must consider.

You definitely have heard about high temperatures deserts get. Imagine you are sitting right in front of an oven turned on maximum while blowing hot air from a hair dryer on your face – get ready for this. Yes, the Middle East can get that EXTREMELY hot – so hot that you might not be able to walk your pup during the day and so hot that certain airlines will not transport pets during summer months, both in and out of the region. Depending on the country you might be able to take your pet onboard but if the pets must come in as a cargo you might need to wait till the weather cools down. It also gets very dusty and, in certain parts of the region, very humid. Please always consider your pet’s breed, age and health conditions as the weather might be extremely harsh on them.

Health Care
Many questions will rise in a pet parent’s mind when planning to move to a new country, and getting proper health care definitely belongs to the most important ones. Generally the countries in the region offer pretty decent and affordable veterinary care, clinics with modern equipment and professional, highly skilled personnel. If your pet is on any medication make sure the same is available in the country you are moving into. Please bear in mind that sending medicines around the globe can be extremely expensive, and be also informed that certain countries do not allow import of certain substances. The same, of course, goes for your pets’ diet and special dietary supplements – always make sure the things your pet’s life depends on are available.

Social Life
Things we consider very common in Europe or in the USA might not be that common in the Middle East. If you are used to dog parks, rides with your pet on a public bus or taking your pet to a café or restaurant you might face a challenge in the region. The places you can take your pet to are very limited.

Pet Boarding
The region offers decent pet hotels and boarding facilities. Festive months are the best and long-awaited opportunity for people to travel back home to visit their friends and families. However, given the very high expat population in the region, pet hotels and pet sitters are usually fully booked, some even months ahead. Make sure your travels are well planned and your pet gets all necessary care while you are enjoying a stress-free time back home. Ready to move? Do not hesitate to contact JetPetGlobal to get your quote. Feel free to ask for help or information anytime. The extensive network of companies and collaborators JetPetGlobal is working with allows the clients to have the latest update, most competitive prices and outstanding services on hand at all times. Be sure we do really care!

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