General information
Moving from Bahrain to Thailand and want to take your pets with you? Pet transport to Thailand is possible, and it’s best handled with several weeks of preparation.

Relocation information
To start, Thai authorities require all animals entering the country to have microchip identification implanted before travel. An inactivated rabies vaccination and certificate are also a must. Thailand is a tropical country and ticks are everywhere, before you travel do stock up on good working tick protection. Thailand is not an option if you want to take your pet on holiday, it is illegal to bring any animal from Thailand to Bahrain under any circumstances.

Some of the requirements
Some of the requirements are a microchip that must be implanted before the rabies vaccine is administered, other standard vaccines are needed to leave Bahrain. It is necessary to obtain an import permit from the Bangkok Animal Quarantine Station to enter Thailand. This permit is good for 45 days from the date of issue.

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