Saudi Arabia

General Information
Pets arriving in to Saudi Arabia need an import permit, for cats that is almost a formality but for dogs the outcome for an import application is often uncertain, Saudi Arabia has a long list of unacceptable dog breeds and ownership needs approval from your landlord and the police, unless you are employed by one of the larger companies and live on their compound it may be impossible to bring your dog here.

Even though Saudi Arabia is not the most pet welcoming nation there are several excellent veterinarians and the online community is very active. Good Kennels are scarce and often over budget.

Relocation Information
Pets need an import permit and can, depending on the airline used be imported in Cabin, as Excess Luggage or as Cargo. Import requirements vary depending on your country of departure. In general, pet transport to Saudi Arabia requires a microchip, an up to date rabies vaccine, a rabies immune certificate, up to date standard dog or cat vaccines and an import permit. Entry by road is possible at designated border points

Our import arrival assistance is available 24/7 but we strongly advise you to arrive away from national holidays and religious festivities.

All pets leaving Saudi Arabia either by road or air need an export permit and need to be seen by the government veterinary before boarding or crossing the border.

Planning, pricing and requirements are subject to mode of transport, size, breed, season and destination, while some destinations and ways of transport are straightforward, most destinations will require a rabies immune certificate and relocation to some countries is impossible without a waiting period in or outside Saudi Arabia. Please feel free to contact us for any relocation question you may have.

Ground Transport
We regularly relocate between UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Some pets don’t travel well by air or are subject to a travel ban because of their breed or it may simply be a more economic way to move a larger household.

Our cars are equipped with air conditioning and travel crates for their and our safety. Even though Saudi Arabia has a long list of unacceptable dog breeds it is allowed to transit with dogs that are normally not allowed for import.

Pricing is subject to distance, planning may require several permits from all countries between departure and destination.

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