General information
Almost every household in the Philippines has a pet. Pets are widely loved and adored and are often considered an asset to any family. Over time, people have adopted different pets ranging from the more popular dogs and cats to tropical fish and squirrels. Importing pets to the Philippines requires preparation and awareness of all the government requirements and regulations, most of these rules are easy to follow.

Relocation information
You will need an import permit, you can bring as many pets as you need but if you have more than 5 pets your house will be visited by the government to asses living conditions. Entry is allowed in Cabin, Excess luggage and Cargo, Customs upon arrival is based on cargo fees and are a factor to be considered.

Some of the requirements
An import permit can be obtained online, your pet will need a microchip and standard vaccinations. You will also need to plan for an extra veterinary visit for an internal and external parasite treatment.

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