General Information
Glaciers, fjords, waterfalls, mountains, midnight sun and northern light – raw sublime power of jaw dropping Norwegian nature. Norwegians are known as a very pet loving nation, they are very active and outdoorsy. Rain, storms, heavy snow fall, nippy dead of winter? No problem for a Norwegian. They will spend all weekend outside with their doggies. We have great news for all the busy folks too, there is no need for you to worry about long working hours away from your furry bud – it is completely common to take your dog with you to the office.

Relocation Information
Norway puts a g great emphasis on the health of imported pets. They also make sure that there is no illegal trade, e.g. endangered species. Norwegian legislation regarding imports of stray dogs (non pedigree dogs, dogs from shelters and/ or with an unknown background) changed in 2018 and thus it is no longer possible to import a stray dog that hasn’t been in your custody for less than 6 months prior to moving into the country. If you are exporting pets from Bahrain and want to make a stop over in another country for a few days the import processes will change – JetPet Global offers personalized pet shipping services and makes sure you are informed of all the requirements and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Other Requirements
Cats, dogs and ferrets must be micro chipped with an ISO compliant microchip or else the pet owner needs to carry their own scanner. Pets must be vaccinated after the microchip was injected. Prior to moving please consider also that pets coming from the Middle East are allowed to enter Norway through Oslo airport only. Norwegian authorities must be informed of the planned arrival at least 48 hours prior to your flight.

Vaccination Requirements
Anti – rabies vaccination is obligatory. Please make sure you will contact us well ahead of your travel in order to plan accordingly. For dogs, including puppies an internal parasite treatment is required. Cats or ferrets are exempted. JetPetGlobal is a certified pet relocation and pet export company that guarantees the best pet relocation services in Bahrain – do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote!

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