Military Pet Relocation

Got your orders ready and a rotator is not an option? A military move can be a real hassle when not having plenty of time on your hands. Whether you are an active duty service member, a DoD civilian or a contractor we are here to help you take your furry buddy anywhere you need.

General information
Being a part of the military family often requires additional documentation and processes and we are ready to do the necessary to make sure your pet arrives safely.

Import to Bahrain
Your pet will need a microchip, a valid rabies and Tricat or DHPPiL vaccination and a FAVN or RNATT certificate. With a copy of the vaccination record and the FAVN or RNATT certificate you can then apply for an import permit.

Export from Bahrain
Many people working in Bahrain adopt a pet there and decide to give it a forever home. While requirements regarding export and import of animals into various destinations might slightly change, when it comes to a pet first-time relocation certain procedures always have to be applied.
Countries often apply different requirements to military personnel and civilians importing pets. JetPetGlobal will save you all the stress and plenty of time by preparing the necessary documentation on your behalf, informing you about all the details and steps being taken throughout the whole pet relocation process.

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