General information
Arranging pet transport from Bahrain to India means following many of the general rules for pet travel as well as meeting several stricter paperwork requirements. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required for example, and this can only be applied for after an endorsed health certificate has been obtained. India is a vast country with multiple regional and local governments, each with their specific rules. Ask us before you start!

Relocation information
As with all pet travel, when bringing pets to India, it’s important to allow plenty of time to plan, discuss any health concerns you may have with your veterinarian, and help your pet acclimate to the travel crate well in advance of the move. Crate acclimation is key to helping your pet feel as calm as possible during the long flight to India — if they see their crate as a safe and normal place to spend time, they’ll feel much less anxious on travel day when they’re spending several hours in the crate.

Some of the requirements
A microchip, no other form of identification is acceptable for travel to India. Your pet will also need a Rabies and standard vaccinations. The last step of the preparation is to obtain an NOC from India, it is a temporary permit issued in India allowing pets to be brought into the country. We will obtain this on your behalf.

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