Great Britain

General information
Great Britain has a reputation as a nation of animal lovers and you can take pets to many places, including gardens and parks. Pet Transport from Bahrain is possible to do safely and smoothly with the right preparation. If you have a ToR number things are on the right track already.

Relocation information
Clearing a pet in the UK takes time, you may consider flying a flight later, this way you have time to do a few last things and you are well in time to pick up your pet from the animal reception centre in London. Don’t worry about your pet being locked in the crate until you arrive, the first thing the people at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre do is release your pet in a kennel and your pet will be comfortable long before the administration process begins.

Some of the requirements
Because the UK is considered a rabies-free country, the import requirements must be strictly followed to prevent quarantine upon arrival. The order in which these requirements must be completed is: Microchip. Rabies Vaccination and Certificate over 21 days old. Great Britain Pet Health Certificate endorsed by the Government veterinarian and Tapeworm Treatment for dogs.

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