General information
Moving pets from Bahrain to Europe can be a challenging undertaking, but with the help of our expert advice, current information, and plenty of planning time, travel to Germany, France, or another EU country with a pet is smooth. The United Kingdom has its slightly different process.

Relocation information
Depending on the country in the EU, pets can travel as Manifest Cargo, Excess luggage or even in the cabin. Pricing varies a lot for the same pet and you may consider changing your flight to reduce the overall cost of relocation.

Some of the requirements
Microchip and vaccines. All pets entering the EU need a microchip and this must be implanted before the rabies vaccine is administered. We recommend that the microchip is ISO compatible, if not you will need to bring your scanner. The Five Day Rule: Though you may not be on the same flight as your pet, note that the EU requires that pets travel within five days of their owner or guardian, if not, your relocation will be considered a commercial relocation where other rules apply. A health certificate endorsed by the Government vet is required, depending on the country of arrival this should be obtained maximum 5 or 10 days before arrival.

Other Considerations: In addition to understanding the import requirements and preparing accordingly, it’s also essential to help your pet get used to the crate as much as possible in the weeks before the move. Crate training is the key to assisting pets to experience less anxiety while traveling and it’s one of the kindest things you can do for your pet before a move.

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