General information
Bringing pets to Bahrain is a complex but not impossible process and you should be prepared to spend several weeks planning all necessary vet visits, vaccines and paperwork. Crate training is essential, the more comfortable Fetch feels in his travel crate, the easier his trip will be.

There are several playgroups and meeting places for pets, there are a few very good kennels, there is an excellent choice of skilled veterinarians and the online community is very active.

Relocation information
All pets arriving into Bahrain by air must do so via Manifest Cargo and import requirements vary depending on your country of departure. In general, pet transport to Bahrain requires a microchip, an up to date rabies vaccine, a rabies immune certificate, up to date standard dog or cat vaccines and an import permit. Other pets are shortly quarantined upon arrival but usually are in their new home by the following day.

Our import arrival assistance is available 24/7 although we do advise you to arrive away from national holidays.

All pets leaving Bahrain either by road or air need an export permit.

Planning, pricing and requirements are subject to mode of transport, size, breed, season and destination, while some destinations and ways of transport are straightforward and hardly require any planning the same pet to a different destination in the wrong season may all of a sudden need 6 months of careful planning. Please feel free to contact us for any relocation question you may have.

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