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General information: Over the last few years, Japanese have gradually incorporated pets into the family system. In the majority of cases, pets are now considered to be family members. To many Japanese, pets are as well loved as children, and may even serve as a substitute. Although Japan’s crowded environment might make it a not so pet-friendly country, Japenese love their pets and welcome new furry friends with open arms.

Relocation information: Bringing pets to Japan is all about preparing well in advance and understanding the import requirements to avoid delays and complications. Did you know Japan requires two rabies vaccines and a titer test, for example? Did you know these must be carried out according to a particular timeline?

Bringing a dog or cat to Japan also means meeting standard requirements like gathering the correct paperwork and choosing an approved travel crate.

Some of the requirements:
Microchip. You require to implant a microchip for identification of the pet before vaccination for rabies.
Rabies Vaccination and Certificate. The pet should undergo two rabies shots within the valid interval. Age of the pet should be 90 days or greater at the time of the first vaccination, with the second vaccination administered no more than one year before import.
Quarantine. Importing dogs and cats to Japan requires a 12-hour quarantine upon arrival providing the additional requirements and documentation have been met. Without the required documents, the maximum quarantine time can be 180 days. The Narita quarantine service charges a detention fee of approximately JPY 3,000 or more depending on size per day for all pets.

Attention: This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated or complete to meet the current requirements. Before you travel, be sure to contact JetPetGlobal.

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