Pet relocation to Canada vaccinations administration pet passport

General information:
While Canada may not be quite ready to open its cafes and restaurant doors to canine companions just yet, it’s still a pretty great place to be a pet. Are you curious about pet transport from Bahrain to Canada? Relocating pets to the northernmost part of North America involves several requirements, such as an international health certificate, rabies vaccination and certificate, and a printed history of vet records. Canadian authorities will also want a copy of the owner’s passport and visa or work permit.

Relocation information:
Canada is a vast country and your final destination may be a lot further than the airports we can reach from Bahrain. This is no cause for worry, we know the way in Canada and are here to help you.
You can help your pet by getting acclimated to the travel crate you will be using; this can help reduce their anxiety before, during, and after their trip.

Some of the requirements:
Microchip. Though strongly recommended for all international travel, a microchip is not required for entry into Canada.
Rabies Vaccination and Certificate. All pets must have an original Rabies Certificate, and this certificate must be written in English or French, be issued and signed by an accredited veterinarian. Identify the pet (breed, color, weight), state that the pet is vaccinated against rabies, indicate the date of the vaccination, indicate the trade name and a serial number of the licensed vaccine, and specify the duration of immunity.
Customs Documentation. We will also need a copy of the pet owner’s passport, visa/work permit, and signed customs clearance form to successfully clear customs.

Attention: This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated or complete to meet the current requirements. Before you travel, be sure to contact JetPetGlobal.

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