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We serve Pets and their Parents maintaining Friendly and Professional relations with our Customers, Colleagues and Suppliers continuously Improving our Service, our Standards and Ourselves offering Peace of mind with Flexible, Safe, Secure, Fair and Comfortable Solutions.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

JetPetGlobal, as part of Fur & Feathers, is a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Our social responsibility falls into two categories: compliance and proactiveness. As a company we aim to promote animal rights, help communities and animal support groups.

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Top Destinations

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Bringing pets to Bahrain is a complex (but not impossible) process and pet owners should be prepared to spend several weeks planning all necessary vet visits, vaccines and paperwork. For all pets traveling to all destinations, crate training is extremely important. The more comfortable your pet feels in the travel crate, the easier their trip will be.

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Moving pets from Bahrain to Europe can be a challenging undertaking, but with the help of our expert advice, current information, and plenty of planning time, travel to Germany, France, or another EU country with a pet can be smooth. The United Kingdom has its slightly different process.

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Great Britain

Great Britain has a reputation as a nation of animal lovers and you can take pets to many places, including gardens and parks. Pet Transport from Bahrain is possible to do safely and smoothly with the right preparation. If you have a ToR number things are on the right track already.

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The UAE is becoming more and more accustomed to coexisting with animals as time goes by but expats should still be prepared to limit the public appearances their furry friends may make. The UAE allows two pets to enter the country per person. The UAE is home to a good variety of veterinaries with doctors from different areas of the world, good groomers, pet accessory shops and kennels are also available.

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